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Welcome to Phenomenal Hair Replacement



Our clients are PHENOMENAL

“Before I was diagnosed with breast cancer I had long coarse hair. After having my second treatment of Chemotherapy my hair begin to fall out and I became bald. My hair never recovered from the Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments. This was a very depressing transition going from having hair and then suddenly no hair. Thanks to Cathy J. Mack at Phenomenal Hair Replacement for restoring my hope again. I now look like myself again and I am getting so many compliments about my beautiful hair from everyone. Cathy is always educating herself to help everyone suffering from Alopecia to make her clients look and feel Phenomenal.”


“I can’t begin to say what Cathy Mack at Phenomenal Hair Replacement has done for me. Having a severe case of Alopecia, I struggled for many years with feelings of inadequacy and low self esteem. I almost lost all hope until I met Mrs. Mack. Not only is she one of the most knowledgeable stylists that I know of in the field of hair loss, but she truly cares about her clients. The confidence and pride that I now have in myself is everything!”


Alopecia Survivor

“I have always had long beautiful and healthy hair. While receiving treatments for my cancer, my hair took a terrible beating. I had extreme hair loss around my edges and thinning in the top area. My hair never recovered from the two surgeries, and all of the medicines that had to be pumped into my body to cure my cancer. This transition in my life was very difficult and depressing. I had to try and get use to my new normal. Thanks to Phenomenal Hair Replacement, I was able to look in the mirror again and see the old Brenda that use to have flawless hair. I get compliments on my hair every day from friends and strangers. Many thanks to Cathy Mack, Owner & Operator of Phenomenal Hair Replacement. You are giving individuals a new look on life as they confront hair loss due to medical issues.”


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